20 Ways to Find Inner Peace

Nov 30, 2022

You can still find peace within yourself even when life feels overwhelming or stressful. In fact, that’s when we need it most! Achieving inner peace is a skill you can develop over time, not something you attain once and enjoy forever. It is possible for events, bad experiences, or the stress of daily life to disrupt your sense of equilibrium or center. Maintaining your inner peace is essential if you don't want to lose it. This is where energy healing and other practices come in handy. Finding true peace comes from internal work on yourself, rather than external sources. It can mean feeling contentment and gratitude for your life, working toward the best version of yourself, finding ways to quiet your mind, and releasing negative thoughts, worries, and emotions.

Each individual experiences inner peace differently. But one thing most would probably agree on is that “inner peace” is really about self. Self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. In this crazy world, we sometimes let negative energy steal our inner peace. To help you find inner peace, calm your nerves, and achieve balance, here are some tips.

How to Find Peace Within Yourself

Every day, we go through a certain routine to maintain our outward appearance or hygiene. We take a shower, brush our teeth, change our clothes, and maybe put on makeup and style our hair. We do all of this because it’s healthy and socially encouraged. But how much daily care do you put into maintaining your inner self? Are you giving your inside as much attention as your outside? Many of us might argue that the inside is more important, but if we’re being honest, few of us probably take the time to actively maintain our inner peace on a consistent basis.

Just like our outward appearance, our inner peace is likely to deteriorate if it doesn’t get the care it needs. You can’t brush your teeth one time and then figure you’re done, and you can’t feel you’ve achieved inner peace and then neglect it for the rest of your life — it just won’t last. Fortunately, there are many ways to care for your inner self that can easily be added to your weekly routine!

1. Energy Healing for Inner Peace

Energy healing may be the easiest, most effective way to maintain your sense of inner peace. It could help you address emotional energy that could become trapped, especially when you’re going through difficult times. Spending just a few minutes a week to take care of your emotional health is more than worth the investment.

Sometimes vague negativity inside you can plague each moment and weigh you down. This may be due to trapped emotions that you don’t even know are there.

2. Meditation

Meditation only takes a few minutes each time, but it can provide amazing results for your peace of mind! You can meditate as often as you like, but consistency is key. Use a guided recording or go your own way. You really can’t do it wrong. The idea is to spend a few minutes alone with yourself, taking a break from the rest of the world to focus on your breathing, relaxation, and feeling at peace.

Many refer to meditation as an energy healing practice. Others may call it a spiritual practice or even a physical or mental “time out.” But meditation is designed to increase your ability to be in the moment, which can help you achieve the perspective you need to feel inner peace.

The more in the moment you can be, the less time you’ll spend worrying about the past or the future. Instead, you’re focused on not just the now, but the here. Yes, there is turmoil around the world, but that turmoil doesn’t have to exist in the room you’re sitting in. It doesn’t have to exist inside of you. If you can be mindful of the time and space that you can see and feel right now, you can increase your sense of inner peace.

3. Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the highest (if not the highest) vibrations you can feel. Try taking a few minutes every day to focus on it. You can talk to yourself in the mirror, make gratitude part of your meditation practice, or keep a running list of your blessings in a handy place. Be grateful for the things you have, but also focus on the non-material aspects of your life: love, creativity, talents, and friendship.

4. Self-Care to Support Inner Peace

General self-care is critical to maintaining inner peace. If you neglect your own needs, you are bound to be more stressed and frustrated when things get busy or difficult. No matter how tight your schedule is, take time to take care of yourself. Take a walk or a power nap. Buy yourself a little something. Feed yourself good food. Get to bed a little earlier. Do things that make you feel good about yourself. It doesn’t need to take hours a day, but self-care can go a long way to helping you feel at peace or bounce back from a tough day.

5. Daily Inspiration

Find things that inspire you, things that lift your spirits. Perhaps it’s a daily quote, a phone call to a friend, or just watching the sunrise. Whatever gives you strength can help in finding inner peace.


6. Be Present

The past is the past, and the future is uncertain. You cannot change tomorrow by worrying today, and agonizing over things said and done cannot change the past. Be present. Enjoy what is happening in each moment today. Beautiful things are happening, if you’re distracted by the past or the future, you might miss them.

7. Be Honest With Yourself

Nothing can disrupt your inner peace like living a life that isn’t meant for you. We often get caught up in people pleasing, letting family, friends, or society dictate our choices. Instead of chasing what other people value (a certain career, education, or life goal), ask yourself what YOU want most and go after what YOU value. While this is much easier said than done, life will be easier and more joyful in the long run if you lose the pretense.

8. Let Go of What You Can’t Control

Most of us spend time worrying about things we can’t control. While an individual can make a difference in their own circle, and in many ways even change the world, there are other things you can’t change. If you were to make a list of your worries, how many things are you wasting energy on that you can’t actually fix? 

Worry seldom gets us anywhere — especially when we aren’t the one in control. Concern yourself with the things you can change, and let the rest go. Your inner peace will thank you.

9. Serve Others

Living a life of your own choosing doesn’t mean living selfishly. While you should always pursue goals that will bring you joy, one of the best ways to feel joy is to do something for others that they can’t do for themselves. Kindness to others usually helps you take your mind off your troubles (like those things you worry about that you can’t control). Doing a good deed often brings kindness in return, but even if it doesn’t, it always brings satisfaction and contributes to inner peace.

10. Limit distractions

One thing that saps our ability to stay calm and collected in modern life is the distraction of countless things competing for our attention. Part of inner peace is being fully present in the moment, and that can be a challenge with how fast-paced and connected our world has become. Notice how many times a day you get distracted by phone calls and text messages or get overwhelmed with how much information is available to you all at once. Setting boundaries can bring more peace back into your life. Some ways to set boundaries are to let coworkers and friends know that you are not always accessible, set expectations that you won’t always respond to messages immediately, choose when and how you interact with news and media, and designate times when you’re disconnected from technology.


11. Practice spirituality

Trusting a higher power is one way to find more peace and serenity in your life. Turning to faith helps many people appreciate life even when times are tough. Having belief in something bigger than yourself can help you experience your purpose in life, cope when going through trials, manage mental health challenges, improve your relationships, and bring more peace into your life.

12. Spend Time In Nature

When you begin embracing the majesty of nature, you may start to realize the glory that surrounds you and the awesomeness of it. Your daily struggles are very real, but appreciating your surroundings can help put things in perspective. Let the sights, smells, and sounds of nature envelop you.

Spend a day at the beach or go barefoot in the park. The contact between your skin and the ground can reconnect you with the earth. More research is needed, but some experts believe that the electrical charges from the earth can have a positive effect on your body.

13. Simplify Your Life to Increase Inner Peace

We tend to convince ourselves that the chaos in our daily life is put upon us by outside sources, but ultimately it all boils down to our choices and priorities. Ask yourself what you can let go of or simplify. Stop overcommitting to projects, meetings, and activities, and start having more downtime. Rid your space of unnecessary objects and create clean lines and simple spaces in your home.

14. Seek Support from a Professional

We could all use someone to talk to, especially when we’re going through challenging times and inner turmoil. Professional help from therapists, counselors, or coaches can be a wonderful way to resolve our difficulties. By seeking help to process emotions, many people experience more peace of mind and resiliency in the face of issues.

15. Discover Relaxation Techniques That Work For You

There are many different ways to relax, try out a few and see what works for you! Taking time out of your busy day to tap into your inner calm can help you call on that peaceful place within you — even when you’re experiencing a stressful situation. A few methods that can help you to relax and clear your mind are the following:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Walking and hiking
  • Reading a book
  • Deep breathing

16. Tackle a Problem

If your days are filled with a nagging issue that you just can’t let go of, tackle it. Even if it can’t be fixed or finished in a single day, at least you’ll know you’ve made progress. Develop a plan and timeline for how to complete it. You will feel a lot better if you take the first step in completing something you’ve been needing to do but putting off.

17. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Social health is important for self-esteem. Surrounding yourself with supportive, loving friends and family can be a powerful way to build your inner strength. Similarly, if there are people in your life that make you feel down and upset, finding ways to draw boundaries with those people can be very beneficial for your inner peace as well. 

18. Chakra Balancing for Inner Peace

Chakra balancing is a form of energy healing that may also contribute to inner peace. Chakra refers to the energy life force (also called prana) that moves throughout the human body. There are said to be 7 main chakras or energy centers in the body. When they are balanced, they are able to send optimal energy levels to every connected aspect of the mind, body, and spirit. It’s believed that unbalanced chakras may contribute to negative effects on holistic health.

19. Try a Technology Fast

While devices and social media can be great tools to keep friends and family connected and communities informed, they can also be harbingers of negativity. If you’ve noticed feelings of comparison after using social media or you just don’t feel as happy after being on it, consider cutting it out for a while. Remember that social media only allows small glimpses into other people’s lives — and only includes the things they want others to see. Try putting your phone, laptop, and tablet away, and vow not to touch them for the afternoon, the day, or the weekend. You’ll likely feel more present in the moment, with yourself and your loved ones, which can help you feel inner peace. 

20. When You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

Kindness is simple. Kindness is free. Kindness can change the world. Kindness can be a powerful tool in attaining inner peace, for you and for others. When you can choose to be anything, choose to be kind. It will improve your mood, and you may even see the kindness reciprocated.

Call it calmness, strength, wisdom, or joy, but no matter what you call it, inner peace might seem like an elusive goal in today’s world. There is no shortage of turmoil, stress, fear, and even panic around us — so much so that finding or maintaining a level of inner peace may feel impossible. Fortunately for all of us, inner peace has little or nothing to do with what’s going on in the world and everything to do with what’s happening in your mind, body, and spirit. It exists inside you and can be found and cultivated no matter what the rest of the world has to say about it.

Of course, this is much easier said than done. But with the help of bioenergetic healing, you may be able to create optimal conditions for creating inner peace.

Bioenergetic Wellness Scan Can Help You Find Inner Peace

Bioenergetic Wellness Scan uses the inextricable link between mind and body to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. Inner peace would be considered an emotional, mental, or spiritual state, but can be supported by the physical nature of energy healing, which is based in quantum physics. 

The negative energy which may be created by emotional baggage, negativity, or mental strife can disrupt or prevent your sense of peace. Think of it this way. If you feel trapped in a cycle of negativity like fear, anxiousness, regret, worthlessness, or grief, wouldn’t it be difficult for you to feel the calm assurance most of us would associate with inner peace?

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