Has Nothing Worked for Your Health? This is probably why.

Jan 30, 2022

The mainstream health paradigm would have you believe the answers are simple -- that there's a one-to-one relationship.

You know this as well as anyone else: band-aid solutions are not the answer.

Imagine there's a problem with your lamp. Specifically, the light doesn't go on.

Mainstream health would see the lack of light as the problem. They'll likely tell you all you need is more light. So they'll tell you to open a window or give you another lamp when that's not the problem at all.

But that's not the answer. All you've done is cover up what's really going on and ignore the original issue.

The problem might be something as simple as changing the bulb or flipping the switch on. Most of the time, this is probably the answer -- something simple. But the real problem could be much more complex.

Bioenergetics looks at this problem in terms of what's causing the lack of light.

The Logic of Bioenergetics

Rather than focusing on the obvious problem, bioenergetics asks what is the breakdown in biochemical processes the cells are designed to carry out?

What information are they lacking? How can the energy and information to correct that process be supplied?

Those answers may not have anything to do with the physical function of the organ at all, for example, your kidney. Instead, they would likely have to do with the energy and information used by the cells that make up the kidney and all the other processes that affect those cells.

What's more, these interactions may not even be anything close (physically or figuratively) to what you'd normally expect.

Bioenergetics looks at the web of connecting root causes. In the case of the lamp mentioned above, the answer might go all the way back to a wire that's been chewed. 

In some respects, NES goes even further than most other complementary health approaches and extends our previous understanding of bioenergetics.

Bioenergetics Digs Deep into Health

You'll find the true root hidden deep in the layers of your body field.

In the case of emotional trauma, it might be buried in a deep layer of the body field, so it may take time to peel back the layers and dig down through the related influences and get to the root.

This is why the sequence is so important. The NES scanner is the only technology we know of that identifies this preferred sequence of correction.

If you've been focused on eating healthier and exercising better and haven't seen the results you're looking for, it's no small wonder. 

The real issue could be buried much deeper in your body field and might have more to do with how your body is using the nutrients than the actual food itself.

And that's only one small example. There are nearly infinitesimal reasons something may not work for you. The best way to get to the root is to search your body field for the answers. 

Harry Massey