Uncovering More Peace

Feb 28, 2022

I’ve learned some new things about the Peace Infoceutical. This is the perfect season to get this information updated right away.


Peace is a complex formula that I’m truly excited about. It blends some of our most important Infoceuticals and, of course, promotes something deeply needed in our world today: peace, an essential element to healing.

Curiously, Peace was developed in a way you might not expect. It’s based on two distinct sets of information designed to support memory.

The first set combines BFA, Source Driver, Cell Driver, and Heart Driver (as well as ES1, with radiation protection that supports the heart) to promote the memory of the cells so they know how to carry out their functions.

The second set combines Heart Driver with the Brainstem Hologram, Liberator, and information of the throat chakra to support long-term memory of the human body-field. (Peter Fraser saw this as a function of the energy centers commonly called chakras.)

How Our Peace Infoceutical Works

If memory is compromised at the cellular level, there is an agitation of the body itself as it struggles to accomplish its basic functions.

If memory of the body-field is compromised, we can lose track of our personal story as well as our identity – who we are and why we’re here. This causes psychological agitation. Both of these can deeply disrupt our sense of peace.

Now this approach doesn’t offer direct support of the chakra memory centers like our “Transformation” settings on the miHealth.

Instead, it helps to integrate those memories with the body by having them honestly expressed through the voice. Having our identity and purpose aligned with the body is necessary to experience peace.

Sometimes the body, however, cannot align with our true identity because of unresolved emotional events.


Peace connects the energy of the heart to the brainstem, where primitive emotions are stored or accessed, in order to help heal those emotions.

This includes emotions from hurtful and perhaps untrue things we may have heard, as the auditory nerve connects to this part of the brain. As these are healed through a heart connection, and especially as we’re able to begin speaking our needs and our truth, we can begin restoring peace and healing throughout the body.

NES Health practitioners know that, bioenergetically, BFA plays a huge role in the human body-field, as it aligns us with the massive fields of the Earth itself.

Source Driver is the “master” driver of energy; Cell Driver speaks to every cell and is also key in driving energy; and Heart Driver appears central not only in binding the key elements of the body-field, but also in providing healing throughout the body.

Combine these with the Brainstem Hologram as well as a favorite among practitioners – Liberator – and you can see why I feel this is such a profound Infoceutical.

It doesn’t replace these others when they are needed, but it offers a synthesis of their effects that helps to align us with our true selves and to restore that all-important element of peace that’s needed in our world.

Steve M. NES Health