What is the best rejuvenation therapy on earth?

Jan 16, 2023

Do you know what the best medicine for several health issues is? What restores the functioning of our neurotransmitters (such as serotonin and dopamine) that are important to our emotional stability and mental health? Are you aware of what triggers the body's most powerful anti-oxidant and youth hormone production? 

The answer is DARKNESS. COMPLETE DARKNESS. And being surrounded by it at the right time. Between 9 pm and 2 am, our bodies produce a hormone crucial for our health, rejuvenation, and protection against free radicals. This hormone is called MELATONIN. A lack of melatonin leads to a lack of growth hormone. Being deficient in these two hormones rapidly ages our bodies, not only visually, but also weakens our bones and muscles and affects our strength. But that’s not all... Melatonin is produced ONLY in complete darkness. 

Any light sources such as illuminated alarm clocks, street lights, and phone screens interfere with melatonin production. And if we also go to bed with elevated cortisol levels, our bodies are too overheated to even consider producing melatonin... Ugh, I know this sounds complicated, but bear with me. It isn’t an easy topic, but it is IMPORTANT! If we don’t produce enough melatonin, our bodies become susceptible to inflammation, rapid aging, wrinkles, a dried-out endocrine system, a weak immune system, allergies, and physical and emotional burnout. Taoist Masters spend most of December (especially around the 21st of December) and January in complete darkness. If we look at nature, it is also darker during the wintertime, so that it can rest and emerge stronger come spring. Darkness is always a tool of rejuvenation and regeneration - not only between 9 pm and 2 am. 

The most beneficial thing you can do during winter is to spend as much time as possible in complete darkness. Try sleeping in complete darkness and rest as often as you can. This will strengthen and renew your body and mind more than you can imagine. 

To help you with your sleeping patterns you can also use 2 FeelGood Infoceauticals: Night and Sleep. 

The Night Infoceutical helps the body to produce energy and burn fat at night. It matches to the parasympathetic nervous system, which governs rest and repair. The Night Infoceutical helps to protect against electromagnetic radiation and artificial light pollution while you sleep. It also helps the body sync with natural circadian rhythms and produces melatonin and DHEA at night. Use this Infoceutical in the hours of darkness before sleeping.

Sleep Infoceautical promotes a balanced sleep cycle and optimal regulation of the body’s natural rhythms. Has a harmonizing effect on the entire HBF. It is not sedative, is non-addictive, and does not stimulate hormones. Use 3-4 times throughout the day with the last dose before bed to reset the sleep cycle.

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